The On-Chain Effect. Web2 -> Web3

Enterprises are increasingly embracing Web3 technologies, yet the move towards fully decentralized solutions is often tempered by pragmatic considerations. Web3 companies are sacrificing decentralization and a more democratic ecosystem due to the problematic user experience of direct blockchain integration.

Saakuru blockchain, due to its design, user-friendly environment, and gas-less nature, will become an entry point to onboard the masses to Web3 and funnel them to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Through every Decentralized application built on Saakuru, we are able to create a safe and fee-free experimental environment for people to try their first blockchain applications. This eliminates the gap between Innovators & Early adopters and will unlock the Web3 world to Skeptics.

Saakuru will significantly contribute to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 and will work as an entry point for the Early & Late majority to enter the Web3 space. Furthermore, a user-friendly DeFi layer will provide a gateway to experiment with DeFi & GameFi further.

Saakuru is rapidly expanding our ecosystem to fill in all the required gaps:

  1. Education and Onboarding Programs: Crucial for making blockchain understandable and accessible, breaking down complex concepts into engaging learning experiences.

  2. Integration with Traditional Financial Systems: Key to bridging the gap between conventional money systems and digital currencies, making it easier for everyone to start using Web3.

  3. Community Governance and Participation: Vital for ensuring that users have a say in the platform's direction, making Web3 more democratic and user-driven.

  4. Cross-Chain Interoperability: Essential for connecting different blockchain networks, allowing for smoother transactions and wider accessibility across the Web3 ecosystem.

  5. Partnerships and Ecosystem Development: Critical for broadening the range of services and applications available, driving innovation, and fostering a diverse Web3 environment.

  6. Advanced Security Measures: Fundamental for protecting users' assets and information, building trust in Web3 technologies.

  7. Personalized User Experiences: Key to engaging and retaining users by tailoring the Web3 experience to individual preferences and behaviors.

  8. Innovative Funding Models for Projects: Important for attracting development talent and supporting a variety of projects, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic Web3 ecosystem.

  9. Legal and Regulatory Compliance Framework: Essential for navigating the complex legal landscape of blockchain, ensuring that Web3 innovations flourish within a clear and supportive regulatory environment.

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