In addressing the challenges of scalability and efficiency within the blockchain ecosystem, our Saakuru blockchain incorporates high-speed Optimistic Rollups technology developed by Oasys. This integration is pivotal to our strategy for enhancing transaction throughput and reducing operational costs across the network. Saakuru Blockchain leverages the innovative OP Stack for its foundation and enhances security through the Oasys L1 Protocol, which is backed and actively validated by esteemed companies in the gaming industry, such as Sega, Gumi, Square Enix, Com2Us, Netmarble, and Bandai Namco.

Optimistic Rollups

Optimistic Rollups similarly bundle transactions for off-chain aggregation but adopt a fundamentally different approach to validation. In this model, transactions are presumed valid upon submission, with the blockchain updating its state based on this assumption. A period follows where the submitted transactions can be contested; should a transaction be proven invalid, the state update is nullified, and penalties are applied to the offending party. This method hinges on a network of participants to monitor and ensure the integrity of transactions. Optimistic Rollups are notable for their ability to support complex smart contract operations, making them a versatile tool for blockchain expansion.

Sequencer and Block Time Innovations on Saakuru

The sequencer technology employed by Saakuru diverges from the traditional model of Optimistic Rollups, opting to instantly submit transactions individually rather than batching them. This approach results in substantially lower block times, increasing the efficiency and responsiveness of the network. Looking ahead, there is consideration for bifurcating Saakuru into two distinct types. Post the Bedrock upgrade, one version would begin batching multiple transactions per block, enhancing throughput for general applications. Conversely, the second version would maintain the current sequencing method to uphold the extremely low block times essential for supporting latency-sensitive applications, such as fully on-chain MMORPG games. This planned evolution of Saakuru's architecture aims to cater to a broad spectrum of use cases within the blockchain ecosystem, balancing scalability with performance needs.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups

Zero-Knowledge Rollups operate by aggregating multiple transactions outside the main blockchain into a single batch. This aggregation process is accompanied by the generation of a cryptographic proof, known as a Zero-Knowledge Proof. This proof validates the entirety of transactions within the batch without disclosing their specific details. The blockchain then verifies this proof, allowing for a comprehensive state update based on the bundled transactions. The efficiency of Zero-Knowledge Rollups stems from their ability to confirm numerous transactions through a single proof verification, significantly reducing the computational burden on the blockchain.

Towards Zero-Knowledge Rollups in Saakuru

While Zero-Knowledge Rollups offer promising efficiency and privacy enhancements, Saakuru is committed to implementing such technology only when it aligns with our unwavering commitment to performance and reliability. As ZK-rollups continue to mature and evolve, we closely monitor their integration potential to ensure they will not introduce significant performance degradation within our ecosystem. Saakuru acknowledges the transformative capabilities of ZK-rollups and is dedicated to evaluating and adopting this technology when it can be seamlessly integrated without compromise, thereby continuing to enhance and optimize our user experience.

While Saakuru may not currently support ZK-rollups, we place a strong emphasis on user privacy and security. To address this, we introduce a ZK-verification stack designed to enhance user privacy by enabling users to verify their assets and transactions without the need to expose their wallet details directly. This innovative approach ensures that user data remains protected while participating in the Saakuru ecosystem. To learn more about how our ZK-verification stack operates and how it benefits you, please go here.


Interoperability with other most popular chains is critical to ensure fast growth of TVL in the ecosystem. To unlock the user-friendly and easy-to-access movement of assets between Saakuru and other most popular chains (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, etc), we will be leveraging Router Protocol technology. The solution will allow Saakuru users to bridge/swap assets in & out of the Saakuru ecosystem easily.

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