Core Team

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and advisor to global Web2 & Web3 tech start-ups. A tech enthusiast with an extensive background in enterprise software architecture and development. Created platforms for scalable applications in omnichannel retail (XY Retail), content management (TOOVIA), and real estate (CozyBid). TIBCO alumnus.

Serial entrepreneur. Impact investor. Strategist. Experience advisor for Web3 projects such as Harmony, Lympo & LoginID.

A senior Web3 Development & Growth lead with over 10 years of experience in software development (6+ in Web3). Former co-founder of Lympo (Web3 company acquired by Animoca Brands).

Focused on building globally scaled businesses. A wealth of leadership experience across the blockchain, financial services, payments, technology, and legal sectors. Knowledgeable and well-connected in both Web3 and the regulatory space globally, with a strong interest in product development and exploring new technologies. Ex Binance/Meta.

Experienced engineering lead and tech investor. Best product and award-winning software. TIBCO, Intel, Cisco, Samsung, Vodafone, Citibank, TOOVIA Co-Founder & CTO

Omar is an experienced crypto fund manager specialized in NFT assets and formerly worked as a trusted escrow agent that helped broker deals in the crypto space.

Experienced crypto trader. Leading the growth of the Saakuru Games Community.

Building intuitive experiences and interfaces for Web3. Serial entrepreneur, investor. Founder of Peak Studio. Worked with Infosys, Daimler, Samsung.

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