Developer Layer

In the Saakuru ecosystem, we took a more traditional (Web2) approach to the pricing model and gave more responsibility & support to the developer.

To ensure that the ecosystem is growing rapidly, we provide free request limits for every product. We believe that with a right to develop also comes a responsibility to maintain the product and be responsible for how it impacts the whole ecosystem. After those credits are used, the developer is charged based on the pricing by the network operator Saakuru Labs.

To make his solution cost-effective, the developer can stake SKR tokens and refill his credit balance every Month based on the amount staked on the first day of the month.

1 SKR token = 1 credits

Credits earned from Staking expire after 30 days.

The more active the ecosystem becomes - the higher the demand will grow. This model also encourages games to use blockchain as a usual part of the internet software infrastructure.

If the developer is no longer capable of supporting the launched product, the DAO can vote to disable access to his smart contracts and other products from the developer product suite.

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