DeFi Layer

Typically, governance tokens for Layer 2 (L2) protocols don't have a direct connection to the protocol itself, other than enabling proposal creation and voting. We aim to innovate by creating protocol revenue through DeFi activities through the Taffy DeFi platform. Specifically, a fee of 0.005% from each swap will be allocated as protocol revenue. Additionally, holding TAFFY tokens will generate further income from the 0.025% fee share for TAFFY token stakers, benefiting from Saakuru Labs' ownership of 25% of Taffy's team tokens. Thus, the more successful the games and applications built on the Saakuru Protocol are, the higher the protocol revenue, which will, in turn, be used to burn SKR tokens, enhancing their value.

Although the Taffy DeFi platform is currently the exclusive DEX (Decentralized Exchange) provider on the Saakuru Protocol, plans are underway to expand its availability to other protocols in the future. This expansion means that swap activities conducted on these other protocols will also contribute to generating revenue for the Saakuru Protocol. This approach not only diversifies the revenue streams of the Saakuru Protocol but also strengthens the utility and value proposition of the TAFFY tokens beyond the confines of a single protocol environment.

Taffy DeFi Platform Overview

The Taffy DeFi Platform is a joint venture between Saakuru Labs and a team of DeFi experts aimed at improving the DeFi space, especially decentralized exchanges (DEXs). This partnership focuses on enhancing user experiences by making DEXs more functional and easy to use. Taffy leverages the Saakuru blockchain, known for its gasless transactions, and introduces a novel liquidity management system with both hot and cold pools. In addition, Taffy employs gamification strategies to boost activity and liquidity for each liquidity provider (LP). These features position Taffy to lead in efficiency, ease of use, effective liquidity management, and engagement within the DeFi world.

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