Scam Resistance

Blockchain technology, despite its innovative potential, is unfortunately marred by the prevalence of scams. Users frequently find themselves unwitting recipients of random tokens and NFTs, which serve as bait for phishing schemes. These deceptive tactics are designed to lure individuals into interacting with malicious applications, posing a significant threat to their digital assets. This vulnerability underscores the importance of vigilance and informed decision-making within the blockchain ecosystem.

Whitelisted Developer Wallets

To enhance security within our blockchain ecosystem, we adopt a stringent approach by exclusively whitelisting wallets belonging to verified developers. Only these whitelisted wallets are granted permission to deploy smart contracts on our platform. This measure significantly reduces the risk of scams and unauthorized transactions, ensuring that only trusted entities can introduce new contracts into the system. By implementing this policy, we aim to safeguard our users’ digital assets from the prevalent threats of phishing and other malicious activities, thereby fostering a safer and more reliable environment for our community.

Meme Coins and Cultural Aspect

While meme coins are often associated with the risks of rug pulls, we recognize and value the cultural significance and the pivotal role of community-driven meme coins in the blockchain ecosystem. To balance innovation with security, meme coins are permitted on Saakuru. However, to ensure the safety of our community and provide a protective layer against potential scams, all meme coins will be subject to a preliminary filtering process. This includes a review by both the Saakuru team and the Saakuru DAO, thereby upholding our commitment to a secure yet vibrant and inclusive platform.

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