Saakuru All-in-One Crypto App

Saakuru All-in-One Crypto app is a next-gen crypto wallet secured by Shamir-Secret-Sharing private key protection, which allows users to safely own & comfortably manage their assets without the headache of managing private keys.


  1. Shamir's Secret Sharing offers a compelling alternative to traditional private key storage solutions by enhancing user-friendliness and security, particularly for beginners and intermediate users who may be hesitant to invest in hardware wallets. This method divides a private key into multiple parts, requiring a certain number of parts to be combined to access the funds or data. This approach mitigates the risk associated with storing the entire key in one location, reducing the chance of total loss due to accidents or theft. It also alleviates the pressure on users to secure a single, critical piece of information by distributing the responsibility across several shares. For those not willing or able to use hardware wallets, Shamir's Secret Sharing offers a more accessible and secure way to manage private keys, providing peace of mind through a distributed security model that doesn't compromise on accessibility.

  2. The interactions security layer consists of two main components:

    • AML Address Verification:

      • Before sending assets, the app verifies addresses against AML databases.

      • Users can view the risk score of the address they're interacting with.

      • Transactions to blacklisted addresses are automatically blocked, protecting users from potential phishing scams.

    • Browser Protection:

      • Websites are validated against an anti-scam database before the user can access them.

      • If a website is listed in the database, access is blocked, safeguarding users from harmful content.

      • Users can easily identify verified URLs through a verification mark in the browser, ensuring the legitimacy of the sites they visit.

    These features collectively offer a proactive approach to security, significantly reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and interactions, and providing a safer, more secure cryptocurrency experience.


Saakuru All-in-One crypto app is called "All-in-One" for a reason. We provide a comprehensive set of features that cover all of the everyday needs of a crypto user.

  1. Shamir-Secret-Sharing Two-Factor Authentication Protect Multi-chain Wallet (16 different blockchains including most popular - Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Oasys, etc.).

  2. Assets discover - we inform you with a notification when you receive any ERC20, ERC721, or ERC1155 asset. Also, we filter out scams & spam for you. You can easily access and manage them through the portfolio dashboard.

  3. Cross-chain SWAP & Fiat-ON/OFF-ramp - the ability to manage your assets freely is essential.

  4. Token price tracking

  5. Aggregated news from all top crypto media outlets in one place.

  6. Crypto Cashback - get huge discounts and cashback in crypto for your online purchases.

  7. Dapp Store - your gateway to all filtered out and reviewed DApps

  8. Saakuru Academy - if you are new to crypto, the Saakuru App provides you with comprehensive guidelines on how to navigate Web3 safely.

  9. WalletConnect and Web3 browser with browsing protection.

  10. Referral program

  11. Inbuild TomoOne Play2Earn game for gaming enthusiasts

The Saakuru All-in-One Crypto app combines Shamir's Secret Sharing for secure private key management, advanced security features like AML address verification and browser protection, and a comprehensive suite of tools, including multi-chain wallet support, asset discovery, cross-chain swaps, and educational resources to provide a secure, user-friendly, and all-encompassing crypto management experience.

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