NFTs CRM & zkNFT verification platform

The integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into ticketing, loyalty programs, and ownership on the internet represents a transformative shift towards enhanced digital authenticity, personalization, and secure asset transfer. By leveraging blockchain technology, NFTs offer a unique opportunity to reimagine how event tickets, loyalty rewards, and digital ownership are issued, tracked, and exchanged. This innovation can lead to more secure and verifiable ticketing processes, personalized and engaging loyalty programs, and unequivocal proof of ownership for digital assets. However, the current model of NFT transactions, which often relies on significant gas fees for blockchain operations, poses a substantial barrier to mainstream adoption. These costs can make small transactions prohibitively expensive and complicate the user experience, underscoring the need for more scalable and cost-effective blockchain solutions. As the technology evolves, finding alternatives to the high gas fee model will be crucial in unlocking the full potential of NFTs across various internet-based applications.

Saakuru CRM, paired with the Saakuru zkNFT verification solution, offers a practical way for businesses to integrate Web3 technologies into their operations. This platform simplifies the use of blockchain for applications such as loyalty programs, ticketing systems, and digital ownership verification, making these advanced technologies accessible without requiring users to have any background in blockchain development. Here's a clear example of how a business, like a clothing store, can utilize this system to launch an NFT-based loyalty program:

The platform is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no prior knowledge of blockchain technology to implement NFTs into business models.

Example: Implementing an NFT Loyalty Program in a Clothing Store

  • Setup:

    • The business logs into the Saakuru CRM.

    • Chooses NFT specifications through a simple interface, selecting options with checkboxes.

  • NFT Creation:

    • The system automatically deploys the NFT based on the chosen specifications.

  • Distribution:

    • NFTs are issued either directly from the CRM dashboard or via a REST API.

  • Verification Process:

    • Customers present a zkIdentity QR code, which they can access through the Saakuru app or a customized branded URL.

    • At the point of sale, the cashier scans the QR code to verify NFT ownership immediately.

  • Further Integration:

    • Businesses looking for more integration can utilize Saakuru's callbacks for automated actions within their own systems upon verification of NFT ownership.

The Saakuru CRM and zkNFT verification solution, while compatible with the top 12 EVM blockchains, is optimally used with the Saakuru blockchain to mitigate transaction fees, making it a comprehensive and accessible choice for businesses aiming to integrate into the Web3 ecosystem without imposing barriers on non-crypto users.

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