Saakuru L2 Blockchain & product suite pricing

Saakuru applies a credit-based system for price calculation.

$1 = 100 Credits

We support the growth of small businesses and their journey to Web3. Please check the information about free request limits for every product.

Developers can stake SKR tokens to regenerate credits every month.

Credits acquired via a purchase is non-expiring while credits earned from staking SKR expires at the end of each month. If SKR tokens are unstaked, corresponding portion of the credits will also expire immediately on the first-in-last-out basis.

Saakuru Blockchain

Since Saakuru Blockchain is gasless for users by default, developers are expected to cover the gas fees using the credits.



10,000 ($100)

If the developer receives a grant from the Oasys Foundation, credits equivalent to 50,000,000 transactions will be added to the account.

$10,000 AWS credits will also be available to any developer deploying to Saakuru (once per organization).

Saakuru Wallet SDK

Saakuru Wallet SDK usage is free of charge for 10,000 MAU

Usage with Revenue Generating Features Enabled

Active users per month (MAU)Credits


1 ($0.01)

Usage with Revenue Generating Features Disabled

Active users per month (MAU)Credits per MAU

First 100,000

5 ($0.050)

Up to 500,000

4.5 ($0.045)

Up to 1,000,000

4 ($0.040)

> 1,000,000

3.5 ($0.035)

NFTs CRM & zkNFT verification platform

zk VerificationsCredits


100 ($1)

Token & NFT Data API

API requestsCredits


100 ($1)

Gamification API

API requestsCredits


100 ($1)


White-labeled solution deployment


Risk Score API

API requestsCredits


100 ($1)

Web3 Development services

Initial consultation is always free. Credits generated from staking SKR do not count.



1,500,000 ($15,000)

We also offer special pre-paid plans for corporate clients starting from 10,000,000 prepaid credits. For more information, please contact

*Saakuru Labs still keeps a right to change pricing in the future

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