Mobile Wallet SDK

Saakuru Mobile SDK offers a streamlined solution for integrating a feature-rich Web3 wallet into your applications, reducing time-to-market for Web3 solutions. It provides crypto and NFT support, and features are customizable to fit your needs.

Saakuru Mobile is an intuitive wallet that enables users to easily explore Web3 dApps and safely use their digital assets. It reduces friction to adoption by focusing on:

  1. Usability - Providing user-centric designs that are intuitive to use across multi-blockchains, all while ensuring users retain control over their assets

  2. Security - Prioritizing the implementation of multiple security layers to mitigate the risks of hacks and scams resulting from user and system vulnerabilities

  3. Discoverability - Facilitating effortless exploration and connection to decentralized applications (dApps)

The Saakuru Mobile SDK is available for Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter. With support for a diverse range of networks, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, and many more, it enables the seamless storage, sending, receiving, swapping, and earning of various crypto assets and NFTs. Developers benefit from asset auto-discovery and extensive customization options, eliminating the need to build a wallet from scratch. The SDK embeds best-in-class crypto wallet technology and is distinguished by its robust security layer, founded on Shamir's Secret Sharing and leading market practices. Available since V1, with ongoing updates and support, it’s the go-to solution for a secure and user-friendly crypto wallet integration.

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Why Saakuru Mobile SDK:

  1. Seamless Web3 experience - Introduce the Web3 wallet to your customers in a frictionless way within your application, with no additional downloads or redirections

  2. Automatic asset discovery - No more adding custom tokens and contract addresses. Customers instantly see the assets when they're received.

  3. Customer control over assets - Customers retain ownership and are the only ones with access to their assets

  4. Visual NFT rendering - Let your customers have a better user experience with visual NFT representation.

  5. zkNFT verification - Saakuru CRM, paired with the Saakuru zkNFT verification solution, offers a practical way for businesses to integrate Web3 technologies into their operations. This platform simplifies the use of blockchain for applications such as loyalty programs, ticketing systems, and digital ownership verification, making these advanced technologies accessible without requiring users to have any background in blockchain development

  6. Real-time security check - Transactions are screened in real-time, and customers are notified if assets are being sent to a blacklisted wallet, protecting them from bad actors and potential losses

  7. Digital asset transaction - Customers are able to send and receive any type of digital asset - coins, tokens, or NFTs, in the various networks supported by Saakuru Mobile

  8. Swap - Customers can easily swap between a wide range of coins and tokens with competitive rates, transparent fees, and a simplified swapping process

  9. WalletConnect - Customers have a convenient way to interact with a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps) across various blockchains

  10. Coming Soon! Safe dApp browsing - Utilize Saakuru Mobile SDK's safe mode so that customers are notified when they visit a blacklisted site. Turn on Advanced mode to enable access all sites without any restrictions.

  11. Your brand, your way - Customize the Saakuru Mobile SDK and choose different configurations to meet your branding guidelines!

Shared Mode vs. Siloed Mode:

The Saakuru Mobile SDK can be operated in 2 modes - shared or siloed mode. This must be chosen prior to the implementation of the SDK and cannot be changed.

ModeDescriptionUser ManagementWallet Access


Users can use the same set of wallets for all applications including Saakuru App. Partners have access to users' history and can provide a personalized experience right from onboarding.

Users are shared between all partners and Saakuru

All hosting apps, Saakuru app

Siloed (coming soon)

A unique set of wallets are created for each user even when they use the same credential for each of the partner applications. Personalized onboarding based on on-chain data is not possible since the wallets will be empty at the beginning, but partners will be able to control access to their users.

Users are owned entirely by the partner

Hosting app only

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