Getting started

Integration consists of two steps - Backend and Frontend (Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native) integration. Explore more about supported functions.

Step 1: Providing Bundle IDs and SHA1 signature

To ensure a secure connection between systems and provide all needed configuration keys we need to set up the partner's app credentials. For that, we need Bundle IDs and the SHA1 signature for the Android app.

Use the following command to get the signature (SHA1):

$ keytool -keystore <path of debug or production keystore> -list -v

Step 2: Setting up SSH for access to your repositories

After being accepted to the SDK integration program, you will be provided with SSH keys required to access secure repositories. If you haven’t received them please ask your integration success manager to provide you files.


Our team will provide you with the following config:


sdk.environment=test (test(testnet), stage(mainnet), prod(mainnet))  
sdk.key=given-by-saakuru (Different for Android and iOS)  

Config JSON

You have full control of some of the customizations inside the wallet SDK. By providing a custom config URL to SDK. Here is the example:

After receiving all credentials from the AAG team you are good to go with integration!

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