Gamification API

Our solution offers businesses a straightforward method to incorporate blockchain-based gamification into their existing systems, utilizing the efficient Gas-less Saakuru Blockchain. This approach allows for the rewarding of users through a digital framework that simplifies the adoption of blockchain technology.

Core elements:

  • NFT Issuance: Businesses can issue Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to their users as a means of recognition or reward. These NFTs act as digital assets, providing a method to acknowledge user achievements or participation.

  • Stat Assignments and Rewards: Our platform supports the assignment of user stats and rewards directly on the blockchain, facilitating a tailored incentive system. This functionality allows businesses to adapt their reward schemes to user interactions, making engagement more relevant and personalized.

  • Flexible Reward Configuration: The reward mechanisms within our system are designed to be fully adjustable. This ensures that businesses can set up their gamification strategies according to specific goals, user behaviors, or desired actions.

  • REST API for Easy Integration: To remove barriers to blockchain adoption, our solution can be integrated via simple REST API calls. This eliminates the need for extensive blockchain development expertise, making the technology accessible to a wider range of businesses.


  • User Engagement: Implementing gamification elements can significantly boost user interaction and retention by making their experience more engaging and rewarding.

  • Value Addition: The use of NFTs and customizable rewards introduces an additional layer of value to user activities, promoting loyalty and differentiating your service offerings.

  • Simplified Adoption: Our REST API facilitates easy integration, allowing businesses to leverage blockchain benefits without complex development processes.

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