The Solution

Current Web3 infrastructure design flaws require a technological solution and a different approach to some core components of Blockchain infrastructure.

To eliminate transaction fees from user experience and make bridging from Web2 to Web3 simple and cost-effective, Saakuru provides a two-layer solution:

  1. Infrastructure layer: public-permissioned gas-less L2 blockchain powered by Oasys High-Speed Optimistic Rollups. Network design and public-permissioned nature allow the complete removal of gas fees from the user experience and allow the development of decentralized applications without blockers for new users to use their product.

  2. Developer layer: there are unlimited different use cases for decentralized applications, but most of them require several core components:

    1. Tokenomics layer - Token (ERC20, NFTs, FTs) contracts and other token infrastructure contracts like vesting and staking, their data tracking & management. We provide a platform that allows us to deploy, track & verify ownership of different assets.

    2. Wallet as identity & storage provided. The current external wallet model will not likely be the one that will be used in the future. We believe that the embeddable model (already adopted by SEA giant Grab) is the one to be adopted. Mobile Wallet SDK allows embedding Web3 wallet with many different configurable features in any mobile app in one day.

    3. Prebuild easy-to-launch modules for basic Web3 interoperability functions, like smart contract event tracking and interactions API's.

    4. NFTs CRM & zkNFTs verification layer. Saakuru CRM, paired with the Saakuru zkNFT verification solution, offers a practical way for businesses to integrate Web3 technologies into their operations. This platform simplifies the use of blockchain for applications such as loyalty programs, ticketing systems, and digital ownership verification, making these advanced technologies accessible without requiring users to have any background in blockchain development

These layers connected together provide an open gateway for launching applications on Web3 quickly.

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